Drive components

Since 1997 we have been realizing projects for the largest automotive groups in the field of drive components. The multi-surface and complicated castings, e.g. transmission housings, that we are supplied with for machining are extremely demanding. Ever tighter shape and position tolerances require extreme precision in the design of the machining lines. Only an appropriate machining concept and appropriately selected tools can meet these high requirements and ensure the highest quality and process capability.

Mirosław Mamczur
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Gearbox housing

In 2010, we prepared and put into operation an automated processing line for gearbox housings. The capacity of the line was designed according to the needs of our customer and amounted to 320,000 pieces per year.


Differential housing

In 2015, we started up a production line for the pre-machining of the cast iron differential housing. During the project, we delivered 1,000,000 units to the Opel end customer.